What Do You Mean By Proper Running Form And Can We Change It?

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If you are not running you might have heard that your stance or posture matters a lot in running. However, if you are a beginner you might not know what a stance or form is. In most cases, people who have a personal trainer are taught about their stance so they can avoid injury and make the most out of their limited running. However, a beginner who has no trainer or does not take professional help usually ends up with running injuries and side effects of running. Apart from this, your running equipment especially sportswear and shoes play a very important role. 

One of the main reasons most professionals tell people to take help from a good trainer is because most people do not have a good posture. The posture in exercise is very important because it helps with the overall body balance and stability. Apart from posture you also need to keep in mind the frequency and the things that can help you improve your running. Your running will not be just limited to your lower body, your upper body will be equally important.

With the help of this article, we will mainly help beginners understand the importance of body posture and how you can change your posture for better output. We will also talk about the benefits of running and its long-term effect. For a beginner who does not understand the customization options, we have listed simple steps for running customization as well.

What Is A Running Posture?

Running posture is the way you balance your body and adjust gestures as you start running. From the angle of your backbone to the overall angle of your hands as you start moving. Everything comes under the posture. Most people move their hands vigorously as compared to other people. Another very important thing is that most people keep walking on their toes and never use their heels so they get a bouncy walk. This impacts your calves and if you have an inner style walk you will see that your glutes are getting stressed. In short, the way you adjust your gait impacts your body and muscle shape as well.

What to Notice in Your Running Posture?

To adjust your running posture you need to keep an eye on the way you walk. Start with watching your steps. Make sure your steps are straight in line and not too bouncy. When you are running your whole body will be involved. This means that your steps will be in full sync with your arms’ movement. Another very important thing is the position of your back, you need to ensure that your back is straight and you are not moving to sway as you move. Your position needs to be very neutral, also you need to look ahead so you can see 10 to 12 feet. Looking ahead is vital because this will help you align your feet and you will not trip. Your neck and shoulder need to be straight but keep them relaxed. Most people try to stay conscious and they end up getting stiff.

Your shoulders and arms to your hands need to stay relaxed as well. Your pelvis, as well as your hips, will simply balance according to your backbone and your gait will be adjusted accordingly. Another important thing is the position of your torso. You need to let your body stay engaged so that it doesn’t impact your feet. Leaning forward a little will help you reduce the braking force and it is good for propelling as well. Most beginners get confused because it is pure physics but for running at a high speed you need to ensure that friction is minimum.

Improve Your Walking Posture in Simple Steps

For a beginner who is only practicing princes’ walk, it is very important to know that your chin lift and adjusting steps might help but this will not impact your overall body.

  • Let your arms find their rhythm, do not try to keep them tensed or straight
  • Bend your elbows so that they can swing as you start walking, do not keep them straight.
  • Keep your shoulder blades straight.
  • Keep your hands open and let them find a relaxed posture. Most people clench their fists while others try to keep their hands open. You can let your digits curl and find a good posture.
  • Start by standing tall and then imagine like someone is holding your head up via your hair
  • Tighten your abs and let them generate some energy.
  • Keep your back straight and let your energy flow from abs to the feet
  • Tighten your shoulder blades and move them backward. This is a good stretching exercise that will help you get rid of slouching
  • Keep your chin up and imagine you are looking straight up
  • Lean a little forward at least 10 degrees and let your hip extend to find a better posture.
  • Bend your knees and shuffle on heels before you start running. This will help you ease into a good running posture and let your muscles relax as well.
  • Once you stand straight, keep your heels up from the ground so that you can reduce the contact surface area. This will help you lift your foot with full ease without putting stress on your knee.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, running is just like ordinary walking, you need to set a smart goal for running and then adjust your frequency so that you can align your workout according to the goal. Setting a smart goal is very important because this will help you track down the progress of your workout and let you know if you are doing well or you need some extra help. Marinating posture is not just good for your progress, it is also helpful for improving your overall health and preventing injury. From your arm positioning to the way you lift your form, everything plays a very important role. Most people strike ground without a rhythm; others lift their feet higher than normal by straining their legs and muscles. However, your main goal should be to let your body learn and build muscle memory instead of taking every step consciously.

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