Discover Your Daily Calorie Needs

Find out your daily calorie requirements to achieve weight loss, gain, or maintenance goals effectively.


Activity Level Defined

According to the most commonly used formula, activity levels are defined as follows:

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle

    Little or no exercise

  2. Lightly Active Lifestyle

    Light exercise or sports 1-3 days/week

  3. Moderately Active Lifestyle

    Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days/week

  4. Very Active Lifestyle

    Hard exercise or sports 6-7 days/week

  5. Extra Active Lifestyle

    Hard exercise or sports 6-7 days/week

Calories in Common Foods

FoodServing SizeCalorieskJ
Apple1 (4 oz.)59247
Banana1 (6 oz.)151632
Grapes1 cup100419
Orange1 (4 oz.)53222
Pear1 (5 oz.)82343
Peach1 (6 oz.)67281
Pineapple1 cup82343
Strawberry1 cup53222
Watermelon1 cup50209
Asparagus1 cup27113
Broccoli1 cup45188
Carrots1 cup50209
Cucumber4 oz.1771
Eggplant1 cup35147
Lettuce1 cup521
Tomato1 cup2292
Beef, regular, cooked2 oz.142595
Chicken, cooked2 oz.136569
Tofu4 oz.86360
Egg1 large78327
Fish, Catfish, cooked2 oz.136569
Pork, cooked2 oz.137574
Shrimp, cooked2 oz.56234
Common Meals/Snacks
Bread, white1 slice (1 oz.)75314
Butter1 tablespoon102427
Caesar salad3 cups4812014
Cheeseburger1 sandwich2851193
Hamburger1 sandwich2501047
Dark Chocolate1 oz.155649
Corn1 cup132553
Pizza1 slice (14″)2851193
Potato6 oz.130544
Rice1 cup cooked206862
Sandwich1 (6″ Subway Turkey Sandwich)200837
Beer1 can154645
Coca-Cola Classic1 can150628
Diet Coke1 can00
Milk (1%)1 cup102427
Milk (2%)1 cup122511
Milk (Whole)1 cup146611
Orange Juice1 cup111465
Apple cider1 cup117490
Yogurt (low-fat)1 cup154645
Yogurt (non-fat)1 cup110461

Calories Burned from Common Exercises:

Activity (1 hour)125 lb person155 lb person185 lb person
Golf (using cart)198246294
Walking (3.5 mph)215267319
Swimming (free-style, moderate)397492587
Tennis (general)397492587
Running (9 minute mile)624773923
Bicycling (12-14 mph, moderate)454562671
Football (general)399494588
Basketball (general)340422503
Soccer (general)397492587