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Picture of Aura Radiant Self

‘I had some bad vibes when I entered the old house,’ ‘My sixthsense in telling me about the danger.’ ‘I sensed the negative energy from the seller.’ You must have gone through such experiences in your life or must have heard such kinds of words from people around you. Yes! It’s time to connect your questions and queries with this writing about ‘Aura.

The bothering questions may be; what is meant by the word aura? How aura is connected to yourself? What are the colors of the chakra? What happens if my chakra is blocked? How can I feel it? Can a strong aura lead to healthy transformations in life? How it can be practiced in daily life?

Field of Energy:

The energy that surrounds everything and is everywhere makes the aura of each and every physical existence. Charles Webster, a former priest in England, went to India to learn and practice theosophy back in, 1910. He introduced the phenomenon of energy connected with the human mind, body, and spirit. Later his theory was reinforced by a long list of philosophers, parapsychologists, and spiritual healers. According to this school of thought, energy is most likely surrounds by each worldly body it includes; humans, plants, animals, and objects. The transmission of that energy is moving across and affecting human bodies everywhere and every moment.

How Aura is connected with yourself?

The subtle energy field is circulating and omitting colors around the bodies. You must have gone through the feeling of sudden depression, or you may have gone through unseen mind visuals that become disturbing for you. These unseen disturbances are evidence of our negative aura. On the other hand, when we come out of crises and feel stronger than before. It takes us to such a positive aura that we become an example of attainment for others. Therefore, those good, or bad feelings have a definite aura, and they can be transferred to others. That is why; you need to be happy and inspiring for the reason that others should get a positive aura from you instead of a negative one.

Colors and Blocking of Chakra:

Chakra-it is defined as a wheel, a continuous spinning wheel of energy around the body that works as a spiritual nervous system of your mind and body. It is so much concentrated that it omits colors/or represented by seven different colors at seven different points of the human body. These chakras either balance our life energy or block it. 

Human energy emanates from the rays which start circulating around the body, the human eye can perceive it. Or a human eye can be trained to perceive it. Chakra consists of seven major colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and white.

Picture of Colors And Blocking Of Chakra

1. Root Chakra-Red

It is physically correlated to blood and life and spiritually related to passion, power, and strength.

If your root chakra is blocked you may experience anxieties, fears, and sometimes a nightmare. It physically belongs to the problems with the colon, lower back pains, and bladder issues.

2. Sacral Chakra-Orange

It is physically correlated with reproductive organs and spiritually gives you confidence.

If your sacral chakra is blocked; you may feel emotional turmoil most of the time leads to depression and addictions. Physically it is manifested through sexual dysfunctions.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra-Yellow

It is physically correlated with spleen and spiritually it is awakening and playful.

Solar Plexus chakra is blocked when you feel indecisiveness, low self-esteem, anger, procrastination, and people take advantage of you so easily. Physical manifestation includes gastric and digestive issues.

4. Heart Chakra-Green

It is physically connected to your heart and spiritually able to heal others with great sympathy.

If your heart chakra is blocked, you are going through over-possessiveness and jealousy. Its physical manifestation is not known because it works as slow poisoning to your body.

5. Throat Chakra-Blue

It physically presents the throat and thyroid gland. Spiritually presents the smoothness in decisions, intuitions, love, and helping others.

If the throat chakra is blocked then you may experience difficulty in speaking up the truth and lacks smart communication skills. Physically it is manifested in sore throats, thyroid issues, and frequent headaches.

6. Third Eye Chakra-Indigo

It physically represents the pituitary gland, pineal, and nervous system. Spiritually brings high vision, daydreaming, and goal orientation.

The third eye chakra blockage produces an imbalance in all the above chakras and hence can be so crucial to fighting with the severely shattered inner self.

7. The Crown Chakra-White/Violet

It brings the connectivity of your body and soul together and it gives high internal peace and satisfaction. Hence, it helps to erase all guilt to move forward easily.

On the other hand, crown chakra blockage leads you to final isolation and suicidal ideation.

The Feeling of Your Aura:

Aura can be tested or felt through the colors that mostly surround you, or the color of the dress you decide on most of the time. And if you are a good visualizer then start doing meditation. Let your visually seen color flow in your mind and feel what color is surrounding you. This visualization exercise takes time to come up with a conclusive idea. But, can definitely help you to come up with the one color of your aura with time and practice.

The darker tone of that color means you are living longer with that energy and it’s making your emotions very intense. However, a lighter tone of color perceived means you might be feeling low and depressed for a longer period of time. Vivid white light is so uncommonly perceived and the perception of it is the goal to achieve through different mental exercises. The white light is the eventual goal to achieve harmony, peace, and guilt-free life.

Transformation of Life Through Your Positive:

Train yourself to see the aura of your body and mind through different exercises like; meditations, affirmations, color therapy visualization, and others.  In aura transformation, a person gets the opportunity to cleanse up the entire 7 chakras or the entire aura field. Step in with your wide and deep consciousness, be aware and connect your body with your spirit. You probably twitch, intuiting, and fixing up your daily life challenges without hassle. This experience can be either tiring or joyful for you depends on how often you practice letting go, gratitude, and serving others in difficulties. The vital positive aura of yourself will be felt by others and soon you will be getting positive remarks from the people surrounding you.

A Brief Exercise:

Close your eyes slowly and gradually, let your body feel weightless by putting off all the weight from your shoulders to the ground you are sitting on. Concentrate on your body and keep breathing so deeply. Scan your body for pain and discomfort. Put the concentration to the area of the third eye on your forehead i.e. in between your both eyes. Now come up with the color visualization or maybe an emotion you want to let go of. The color of the aura must be surrounding you gradually from head to toe. Let the color allow you to fix the distressing emotion or let the color allow you to become peacefully radiant. 

The use of peripheral vision can strengthen your auric field. With time you can master this exercise individually or within a group. Practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and color therapy. Keep yourself positive and always satisfied so that the emission of your energy field attracts more positivity from the environment and also supports to transfer it to others to become a clairvoyant advisor.

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