Things You Can’t Live Without

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Have you ever thought how funny yet amazing your life is? Remember there were days when there was not even a single ray of light for you and you thought, “This is it… I’m never going to get out of it alive.” But you survived. The time you think that this pain is going to destroy me completely, but instead, you rose like amber from the fire of hopelessness. This is you: a human, the most amazing creature of all. You are capable of enduring much more than you think. But besides being strong and vigilant, we also have the capacity to feel, care, and appreciate little things in life. Little things hold big, very big places in our lives, and undoubtedly, those are the things you can’t live without. So come, and let’s talk about and cherish those little things; without them, our lives won’t ever be the same again.

10 things you can’t live without

1. Hope:

Hope to touch Sun

They say, “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear,” and I wholeheartedly believe in that notion. Hope is like a guiding light that shines through our lives, illuminating our path. If you take a closer look, you’ll realize that life itself is intricately woven with hope. Every evening, as we lay down to rest and set our alarms for the morning, we’re embracing the hope of a new day. We can’t be certain what the future holds, yet this hope fuels our determination to move forward.

Think about it – when we plant a tree in a region prone to hurricanes and other natural calamities, it’s hope that’s driving us. It’s the unwavering belief that our actions today can shape a better tomorrow. And even in the depths of despair, it’s hope that serves as our anchor, urging us to carry on. It’s a beacon of light during the darkest hours, a whisper that reminds us to keep persevering.

In essence, hope is the heartbeat of resilience. It’s the gentle nudge that nudges us to take chances, to dream, and to forge ahead despite the odds. Hope is the fuel that powers our aspirations, transforming them into realities. So, let’s treasure this gift of hope, for it’s not just a fleeting emotion – it’s the force that propels us through life’s journey.

2. Love:


If you never truly loved you never truly lived

Feeling loved and loving others is something deeply rooted within all of us. It’s a basic human instinct, like an inner compass guiding us through life’s journey. But let’s clear up a common misconception: love isn’t just about romantic relationships, even though “romance” often steals the spotlight. True love goes beyond that; it’s a profound emotion, a force of nature, and it’s as vital as the air we breathe.

Imagine love as a magical potion that has the power to transform. It’s like a medicine that doesn’t come in a pill, but in smiles, in kind gestures, in moments shared. This magical elixir doesn’t just touch the heart; it tinkers with the brain, setting off a series of sensations that can be addictive. It’s like a magnet that pulls two people together in ways they can’t explain.

3. Social Interactions:

Social Interaction

Ok as we all know, the human is a social animal. To keep us moving with harmony and peace, we need people to interact with. It’s fascinating how even the smallest gestures, like a friendly “hello” accompanied by a warm smile or a heartfelt “Have a good day,” coming from someone you don’t even know, can instantly light up your face with a grin. These seemingly trivial exchanges are the threads that weave our connections, reinforcing the notion that we’re not solitary wanderers in this vast world—a sentiment that can otherwise cast a pall of desolation over us.

Our inability to physically meet and greet has underscored just how deeply meaningful these interactions are to our well-being. As we navigate through these challenging times, it’s a poignant reminder that our yearning for these connections is both a testament to our shared humanity and a guiding light toward a brighter, more interconnected future.

4. Friends & Family:

Friends and Families

Besides social connections, we are lucky to have another type of special bond called FAMILY. Our family plays a huge part in shaping who we become. They teach us important things like how to be kind, understand others, and care deeply. In our family, we learn the magic of sharing, the warmth of caring, and the happiness of celebrating life’s small moments as a team. When tough times knock on our door, our family stands right beside us, giving us strength.

But friends are like the family we pick for ourselves. They’re the ones who really get us. Why? Because they’ve been there through the challenges we face beyond our home’s walls. They’ve helped us get back on our feet after life pushed us down. They know our secrets, our dreams, and the stories behind our scars. Friends are the ones who see our hidden strengths even when we can’t see them ourselves. So, remember, while family is the foundation, friends are the pillars that support us as we build our way through life.

5. Music:


For a person like me, music is like the heartbeats of life, a meal for the spirit, and a comfort for the mind. Music isn’t just about songs or instruments; if you look carefully, there’s melody in everything around us. It’s in the cheerful chatter of birds, the giggles of babies, and even in the soft drumming of raindrops on the windowpane. Think about life without these delightful sounds – it’s hard to picture, isn’t it? These sounds weave a tapestry of joy and connection that colors our days in the most beautiful hues.

6. Faith in GOD:

God is Faithful

Nothing in this world is forever. Life, happiness, beauty, fame, money – they all have their time. Yesterday, you were famous, people adored you, and your life seemed like a dream. But suddenly, everything fell apart. In those moments of despair, who was there to offer comfort and hope? Your faith… your belief that God is watching over you.

If God could turn something into nothing, then surely God can turn nothing into something. Having God in your life is important. You might view God differently, but we all need that presence. Surrender your worries to God, and have confidence that things will mend. Remember, miracles bless those who believe in them.

7. Money:

Picture of Money in Jar

Money can’t buy you everything, agreed. But without money, you can’t buy anything at all. Yes, yes I know they say money is not life, agreed, but the popcorn you are having while hearing this dialogue on an expensive TV, or that clothes on your body or your lavish cell phone lying on your lap doesn’t deliver you straight from the heaven by Santa Claus. So yes, money doesn’t mean everything, but it is something that is important for your existence. P.S. It even needs money to go and live in the mountains or jungle, you all know flight fares, don’t you?

8. Sleep:

Man Sleeping on Road

Sleep for me is a blessing, seriously. Being a former insomniac, I understand how bad things can get. Not getting enough sleep makes everything worse, and you start feeling like a real-life zombie. You can’t think, eat, or work properly due to the extreme feeling of fatigue. It can even get super bad, where you start seeing things that aren’t there, like in a scary movie. Yeah, pretty spooky, huh? But you know what’s awesome? After a really long, super tiring day full of stress, what could be better than just lying down and getting a good, nice sleep? It’s like a mini vacation for your brain and body.

9. Food:

Couple Dating in Restaurant

Another necessity of life. Some of us eat to live, while many people live to eat. Did you know that food has many roles in our lives? It’s there to fill us up when our stomachs grumble, to give us a hug of comfort when stress knocks, to keep us company during those dull moments. Sounds like a best friend forever, doesn’t it? But there’s more to it. Food isn’t just about survival and comfort; it’s like the magic ingredient of relationships too.

Imagine this: You take your special someone out for a date at a fancy restaurant. The food on that plate has the power to seal the deal, making her say “yes” as you both savor the delicious bites. And think about those cozy movie nights – sharing a bowl of popcorn or a plate of nachos can turn a regular movie night into a laughter-filled, joyous memory.

So, here’s the big question: Can you imagine a life without food? It’s not just about surviving; it’s about the flavors that add spice to our days and the moments it creates, making life not just bearable, but truly delightful.

10. Staying in Touch With Nature:

Picture of Tree - Nature

Embracing nature doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your city life and flying off to live in rainforests like Pygmies. It means connecting with nature in some little nicer ways which we generally do, without even noticing. Just picture sitting out on your balcony or porch, soaking in sunlight; strolling in your backyard, savoring the cool, dewy grass underfoot; taking a dip in natural waters; or swaying in the rain’s gentle rhythm. These are all ways to feel genuinely linked to nature.

Spending cherished moments with flowers, birds, and animals; experiencing the gentle caress of the breeze on your skin; and sharing heartfelt touches with your children or partner—there’s hardly a better joy. Believe me, these experiences are precious. So, while leaving the urban jungle might not be on the horizon, nature’s embrace is closer than you think.


So, there you have it – those were the 10 things we chatted about in this article. Remember, these aren’t just ordinary things; they’re like pieces of a happiness puzzle. Having hope, feeling love, hanging out with friends and family, jamming to music, having faith in something bigger, having a bit of money for the fun stuff, catching good Z’s, enjoying tasty food, and keeping nature close – all of these things add up to a pretty awesome life. It’s like a recipe for a big, joyful soup of life! So, go ahead and sprinkle these things into your days and see how they bring in the good vibes.


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