Things You Can’t Live Without

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Have you ever thought how funny yet amazing your life is? Remember there were days when there was not even a single ray of light for you and you thought that this is it… I’m never going to get out of it alive, but you survived, the time you think that this pain is going to destroy me completely, but instead you rose like amber from the fire of hopelessness. This is you, a human; the most amazing creature of all. You are actually capable of enduring much more than you think you can do. But besides being strong and vigilant, we are also capable of feel, care, and appreciate little things in life. Little things that hold a big, very big places in our lives, and undoubtedly those are the things we can’t live without. So come, and let’s talk about and cherish those little things; without whom our lives won’t ever be the same again.

10 things you can’t live without

1. Hope:

Hope to touch Sun

They say “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear” and I believe that completely. Hope plays a great role in our lives. To be honest, if you observe closely, life is another name for hope. Every night we go to bed and set an alarm for the next morning, although we have no idea that either or not we’d be able to make it to the next day, its hope that keeps us going, its hope that motivates us to plant a tree in a place where hurricanes and other natural disasters are a common thing, and undoubtedly its hope that pushes us to live, even in the darkest of times.

2. Love:


If you never truly loved you never truly lived

 To love and the need to be loved is the basic human instinct. Here we aren’t talking about ‘romance’ which unfortunately has become another name for Love. We are talking about true love, a feeling that works like magic, which is as important as the air we breathe in and which is one of the purest feelings on earth. Love has a strong and powerful impact on the human brain like any other medication and can addict the other person to the extreme. Love is essential for us to keep humanity alive in us. It makes us tolerant, selfless, and teaches us to sacrifice for our beloved’s happiness. 

3. Social Interactions:

Social Interaction

Ok as we all know, the human is a social animal. To keep us moving with harmony and peace, we need peoples to get interacted with. Have you noticed that sometimes it only needs a simple “hello” with a smile or “Have a good day” from a stranger to bring a smile on your face? This is what keeps us connected and makes us believe that we are not alone in this world, which actually is a very depressive feeling. Nowadays, when the pandemic has captured the whole world and we are unable to see anyone, we realize how important those little social interactions meant for us.

4. Friends & Family:

Friends and Families

Besides social connections, there are some unmatchable connections that we are blessed with, also known as FAMILY. Family plays a great role in making one’s personality by teaching you values, empathy, and love for each other. In family, we learn to share, to care, to enjoy life’s little joys together, and to give support during the time of despair. Whereas friends are the family we choose. Our friends know us better than our family because they have seen the struggles we have face out of the house and helped to make us stand on our feet again.

5. Music:


For a person like me, music is the essence of life, food for the soul, and solace of mind. Music doesn’t only mean songs or musical instruments. If you observe closely, there is music in everything. In the chirping of the birds, in the giggle of a baby, or even in the pitter-patter of rain. Imagine life without all these pleasant sounds, can you?

6. Faith in GOD:

God is Faithful

Nothing in this world is permanent. Life, happiness, beauty, fame, money; everything lasts for some time. Yesterday you were a famous personality, people were crazy over you, and you had everything any person can dream of. But all of a sudden everything crashed. So who was still there to soothe your heart and gives you hope? Your faith… that God is there to take control of. If HE can make you nothing from something, then HE has the authority to make you something from nothing as well. It’s necessary to have GOD in your life, whether you accept his existence in any form, but we need HIM. Just give out your strings in HIS hands and have faith that someone is there to fix everything. After all, miracles happen with those who believe in them.

7. Money:

Picture of Money in Jar

Money can’t buy you everything, agreed. But without money, you can’t buy anything at all. Yes, yes I know they say money is not life, agreed, but the popcorns you are having while hearing this dialogue on an expensive TV, or that clothes on your body or your lavish cell phone lying on your lap doesn’t deliver you straight from the heaven by Santa Claus. So yes, money doesn’t mean everything, but it is something and is important for your existence. P.S it even needs money to go and live in mountains or jungle, you all know flight fares, don’t you?

8. Sleep:

Man Sleeping on Road

Sleep for me is a blessing, seriously. Being a former insomniac, I had difficulty sleeping and I know how worst life had become for me. The effects of sleep deprivation intensify with every passing hour and turn you into a living zombie. You can’t think, eat, or work properly due to the extreme feeling of fatigue and if it gets severe you can also experience episodes of hallucinations. Scary, isn’t it? And besides this, after a long, tiring, stressful day, what could be better than some hours of a relaxing sleep?

9. Food:

Couple Dating in Restaurant

Another necessity of life. Some of us eat to live, while many people lives to eat. Do you know that Food actually plays many different roles in our lives? Satiate us when we are hungry, comfort us when we are stressed, give us company when we are bored and wait, umm isn’t it sounds like a BFF? Besides this, food works in building relationships as well. For example you take your lady out on a date, in a fancy restaurant and there she has some amazing food, the chances are that she’d say yes, or watching a movie together while sharing snacks makes movie night more fun. So what’s your opinion, can you live without food?

10. Staying in Touch With Nature:

Picture of Tree - Nature

Staying in touch with nature doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your city life and fly off to live in rainforests as Pygmies. It means connecting with nature in some little nicer ways which we generally do, without even noticing. Sitting outside on your terrace or patio to have some sunlight, having a walk-in your garden and feeling the wet, dewy grass under your bare feet, swimming in open waters, or dancing in the pitter-patter of rain can make you feel perfectly connected with nature. 

Spending some quality time with flowers, birds, and animals, feeling the soft blows of air on your face, and connecting skin to skin with your kids or spouse, nothing could be better than this.. Trust me.

These are the things we can’t imagine our lives without. They give us hope, tranquility, and peace of mind which by the way, are essentials for life as well.

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