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Life is an amazing gift that we are rewarded. You don’t know the value of your health until you lose it. Taking care of your Fitness is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. Fitness has a great impact on health as it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and improves your sleeping habits. People often don’t pay adequate attention to their health. Practices such as these results in your poor health. There are numerous ways to improve your body’s state. It includes a healthy diet, doing exercise regularly, and staying positive. All these efforts improve your mental health. People who prefer to exercise and stay fit can easily deal with depression, and stress. Here in this section readers will find out some expert advice and secrets of staying fit. It includes ways to improve fitness and living healthy. It also consists of motivational blogs that will inspire the readers to stay fit.

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Picture of Braden Collum Running Form - Unsplash

What Do You Mean By Proper Running Form And Can We Change It?

If you are not running you might have heard that your stance or posture matters a lot in running. However,...

5 minute read
Picture of Chris Chow in Ring

Breathing Techniques to Try When You Are In a Choke or Hold

When we look at the things that we do unconsciously, we think of breathing and thinking. Both these functions are...

5 minute read
Picture of Dae Sung Park - Martial Arts Athletes

Physiology of Mixed Martial Arts Athletes

The individuals who train in mixed martial arts techniques try to learn, consolidate and ace each discipline that is practiced....

5 minute read
Picture of Two Womens in Pool - Love Handles Belly Fat

6 Minutes Extreme Workout to Help You Tone Your Love Handles

If we look for the most annoying part of human fat, it would be belly fat. However, imagine wearing a...

6 minute read
Picture of Southpaw Antonie Fuqua

How to Combat a Southpaw – Benefits, Tips and More

Boxing is known to be the gentlemen’s game but if we look at the danger score, boxing is rated at...

5 minute read
Where do I see my self in future

Is Running Equivalent To Cardio

Running is a simple, effective form of cardiovascular exercise that offers a range of benefits, from strengthening your joints to...

5 minute read
Picture of Sonny Singh Phull Handsome Young Man

Your Age isn’t the Reason You Can’t Make Progress

When you hit 40 or 50 your metabolism doesn’t suddenly “slow down” and your hormones don’t suddenly flick a switch...

2 minute read
Picture of Sonny Singh Phull without Shirt - Weight Lose Hot Men Six Pack

Dumb Things to Lose Weight Quickly

Guys you know I am all about helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. So, I want to...

3 minute read
Picture of Sonny Singh Phull - Fitness Trainer

80/20 Secret to Lose Weight

When wanting to lose weight everyone focuses on the conclusion of their fat-loss challenge: the moment it's all over and...

3 minute read
Sonny Phull Sun Down Pic

I’m not here to sell you the dream…

There is a good chance that you, your needs, feelings, and health can slowly start to deteriorate and drop to...

2 minute read
Picture of Sonny Singh Phull - Fitness Hacks

5 Fitness Hacks for Busy People

So you want to get in shape - or stay in shape - but you feel like you don’t have...

4 minute read

Top 6 Foods I Eat to Stay Lean

There are certain foods that I can’t live without. These are my dietary staples. They’re the foods that help me...

2 minute read
Picture of Sonny Phull - 15 Ways to Start Transforming Your Body Immediately

15 Ways to Start Transforming Your Body Immediately

Changing how you think is hard. Changing your environment isn’t. By training your environment, your habits follow. We don’t actually...

7 minute read
Picture of NennFit, Personal Trainer

Interview with a Personal Trainer: Nenn Fit

It is a pleasure to interview a 27 years old International Fitness Trainer, and Model Nenn Fit to @guidebyday. Nenn...

5 minute read