Dumb Things to Lose Weight Quickly

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Guys you know I am all about helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. So, I want to share some things that I did in the past to lose weight quickly but that completely wasted my time and energy. By sharing these, I hope I can help you to avoid the same mistakes I made!

Here are the 3 really dumb things I did to try and lose weight quickly:

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1. The Obsession of Training Abs as the Sole Method of Losing Belly Fat

I thought the more I crunch and ab exercises I performed the sooner I would lose belly fat and get that much-coveted six-pack I was trying to achieve. In reality, I was straining my body, focusing so much on my abs, but neglecting my posterior chain which caused strain and injury to my lower back!

There is no ab workout in the world that is going to allow you to lose fat simply by performing it. I don’t care how great the ab exercises are that you choose, you just cannot do enough of them to make a meaningful impact on your weight loss.

2. Doing Endless Amounts of Cardio as a Way to Lose Weight

Back then I believed that I should be doing long, hard intense cardio sessions every day to lose fat.

I would jump on an elliptical machine, treadmill, or bike at the gym and glide, run and pedal away for hours hoping to amass enough calories burned to make a giant dent in my fat loss efforts but the problem is, none of these methods are effective if you don’t get your nutrition in check as well…

So many times people play for the tie when it comes to exercise. They burn some calories by spending an hour on the treadmill and then proceed to screw it all up by not watching the food they put in their mouths over the remaining 23 hours in the day.

3. Restoring to the Latest Diet Fad as a Way to Lose Weight

I did this because I believed all the hype I saw and read online, and was desperate for that “quick fix” which in reality does not exist! Even if you are able to deprive your body of something you enjoy for long enough to result in a few pounds lost, you likely won’t be able to sustain it long term.

And that’s the thing, the only form of weight loss that I believe is meaningful is the one you can make and sustain for the rest of your life.

Now, it’s your turn! What things have you done to try and lose weight quickly?

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