How to be healthy?

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Nowadays the craze to look smart and fit is becoming stronger everywhere. Everyone wants to achieve his/her dream physique. So in order to achieve fitness goals some are hitting the gym hard, and following strict diet plans. People who are going to the gym regularly and following proper diet plans are ok they will achieve their goals but what about the people who are stuck with their busy routines. Will they achieve their goals? So now in this article, I will talk about those people who cant hit the gym who can’t afford the expensive diet plans. I will talk about the basic science.

So the basic principle to become healthy and to achieve your dream physique is that you have to become a calorie deficit. Now, most people don’t have much time they only have to do is to become a calorie deficit person.

1. What is a calorie deficit?

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As in the fitness industry, we met a lot of people who have different mindsets who have different opinions. Some trainers (nutritionists) will say e.g; stop eating white rice, stop eating this and this which is totally a wrong thing.

Allah has created everything for a reason we should eat everything but in limits. So if a person eats every freaking thing (not junk food oily stuff etc) is a calorie deficit person.

So how will you know about your limits?

The answer is very simple you just need to calculate your maintenance calories and you have to eat accordingly. Without even doing hard exercises in the gym.

2. How can you calculate your daily maintenance calories?

There are thousands of online software that can help you to calculate your calorie plan. Click here to open a calorie calculator, Now put your weight, height, age, and select your activity level and hit the press on calculate.

3. Types of people

There is three types of people:

  • Who want to lose weight
  • Who want to gain weight
  • Who just want to be maintained

Let’s discuss all one by one.

a. To lose weight

Suppose your maintenance calories are 2000. Now for weight loss you just have to start eating less then 2000 calories for a mild weight loss, if you want extreme weight loss then start eating half of your maintenance calories i.e 1000 calories and you will see results not in months but in weeks

Note: Don’t start extreme weight loss before going for mild weight loss at least a month.

b. To gain weight

Similarly in weight gain you just have to eat more calories than your maintenance ones. Like if your maintenance calories are 2000 then start eating 2500 calories at the start then slowly increase your diet.

c. To maintaining weight

Maintenance is very easy actually if you want just to maintain your physique then eat equal to your maintenance calories don’t eat more then your maintenance calories and vice versa.

4. Pro tips to be healthy

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  • Drink plenty of water as water does not contain calories and it will help your body for proper metabolism.
  • Use black coffee as it contains caffeine which is good for appetite control especially for those who are doing weight loss or maintaining their weight.
  • Detox your body every morning. When you wake up drink lemon juice or apple vinegar 2 teaspoons in at least one liter of water.
  • Don’t even try to look at junk foods and oily stuff.
  • And last but not least, Eat everything but in limits.

Eat clean and live healthy with your dream physique

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