Life Essentials

The four basic life essentials oxygen, air, water, and shelter can help you only to survive but to live a modern life these life essentials would not be enough. Modern Lifestyles require all the life essentials including a well-furnished house, a lot of money, luxury vehicles, high-end phones, and a job that you love. The section has the sole aim of providing you with ideas that can improve your life and brings to you blogs and articles that make your life easier.


Couple Activities at Home: Discover Love and Adventure Together!

Spending quality time together as a couple is essential for nurturing and strengthening the bond between partners. Engaging in stay-at-home...

By Priya Patel on March 18, 2024
11 minute read
Fitness and Sports

Breathing Techniques to Try When You Are In a Choke or Hold

When we look at the things that we do unconsciously, we think of breathing and thinking. Both these functions are...

By Guidebyday on January 20, 2022
5 minute read

29 New Ideas to Bring Passion Back into Your Life

We want to live with purpose and passion in all areas of our lives. In the morning as we get...

By Guidebyday on November 29, 2021
11 minute read

Lifestyle Trends And Social Media

With the arrival of social media, changes in lifestyle are now progressively developing. The online world has recently emerged as...

By Guidebyday on October 25, 2021
4 minute read

How to Quit 9 to 5 Job and Start Working for Yourself

Are you tired of your daily routine?Do you want to work for yourself and get rid of this daily grinding?...

By Guidebyday on May 16, 2021
3 minute read

5 Questions That Can Lead You to a Meaningful Life

What is the meaning of life? How can we live a resolute and meaningful life? Once in the course of...

By Guidebyday on May 30, 2020
6 minute read

Things You Can’t Live Without

Have you ever thought how funny yet amazing your life is? Remember there were days when there was not even...

By Guidebyday on May 23, 2020
9 minute read