How to make reels for your business Instagram Account?

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Instagram is one of the most effective tools for conducting the business promotion and adding value to your company. Reels are the best way to discover more audiences and expand your business to reach your ideal customers. 

Instagram helps you to discover a large amount of audience with the reels. So it is important for you to learn how to make reels and share reels on your Instagram account. 

To grow your Instagram business account, you need to learn how to share value by creating short video reels.

Now, let’s learn about how you can make reels for your Instagram business account…

Creating Reels for your Business Account requires you to learn because it will bring more organic traffic to your platform via Instagram marketing. 

There are various types of reels you can create for your business. First of all, figure out which types of reels would be more beneficial for your platform. You can make several types of reels like challenge reels, text over video, lip-syncing, How to’s, Voice-overs, Informative, etc. 

Businesses generally use text over video reels, voice-overs, and informative reels. But they do make other types of reels in rare cases to attract more audience.

How to make text over video reels?

You can make text over a video where you can use text effects and with audio that makes perfect syncing with your text in the video and share anything with your short video reel. 

You can use online tools such as, Kapwing, CreatorKit, Typito, FlexClip, etc., to create short text over video reels. 

You have to put your writing and use the text feature to edit.  Add the audio for the video by recording it using the volume feature.  Now cross check your video accuracy and share it on your Instagram business account. 

You can also use the Instagram audio feature to add music audio if you are not adding your recording in your video reels.

How to make voice-over reels?

Many businesses are using voice-over reels as well, where they provide value in the reels for the audience so that audience gets connected with them for a long time. 

You can use, VSDC Editor, Animaker, video studio pro, etc., to create engaging voice-over reel videos. 

Now you can select the video from your gallery and upload it on your business Instagram account.  Voice-over reels make good engagement with the audience and generate good traffic for your videos.

How to make Informative reels?

Informative reels are something that pushes people to follow your Instagram business account. 

Because it gives information and knowledge, they always need to know about the industry and educate themselves with the help of Instagram. 

One of the main things about informative reels is that it enables the chances of your profile to be discovered by more audience to explore your content which helps your business with social media marketing.

6 Steps to create reel videos:

1. Click the Plus Icon:

Visit your profile page and hit the Plus icon in the app’s upper-right corner to begin adding content (the same one you would use to create a feed post or a Story).

With that, you’ll be presented with a selection of content creation options. Now, tap on the reel option.

2. Choose your Media:

In the next step, you can use Instagram’s built-in camera to produce fresh content, or you can go through your camera roll and select the media files that you wish to utilize from there. You can combine many photographs or videos in a single editing session if you so desire.

3. Edit your Footage:

Edit the video according to your circumstances. You can add audio music, trim your video or scale your video in the Instagram reel features. 

You can make it from 15 seconds to 60 seconds for the reels.

4. Add Voiceover, Audio Clip, Visual Effects:

You can further edit your film by clicking on the icons on the left side of the screen to add new clips. You can add an audio clip to the video by touching the music note icon, and you can speed up or slow downplaying by tapping the 1x icon.

5. Add Captions, Tag Users:

Add relevant captions and tag the users that might have the same interest as you. You can write relevant captions, add hashtags, and tag users by using @ in your caption. 

Write the best captions that attract the users and make your reel gets the best engagement.

6. Publish it:

After checking your short reel, now you can publish it in your Instagram business account. Publish your reel and share it on your story so that your followers also get an idea about you have created a new reel on your Instagram business account. 

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