8 Things You Should Do to Get the Best Out of Your Thanksgiving 2021

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8 Things You Should Do to Get the Best Out of Your Thanksgiving 2021

What is Thanksgiving and why do People Celebrate it?

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that comes up every year in the 4th week of November. There’s quite an interesting story behind thanksgiving but our generation is more into watching movies and series about it than reading history, which is okay. At least they are not wasting it! 

The History Behind it! 

So basically Thanksgiving is an annual holiday and people from all around the world especially the USA and UK celebrate harvest year and be thankful for the past year’s blessings. However, for more than a century people used to celebrate this holiday as individual colonies but it all got over when in-between a civil war Abraham Lincoln pronounced it as an annual holiday that should be celebrated in November every year. 

It was then when it became a thing to gather all the members of family and friends and enjoy a great feast! It’s all fun and games until someone asks you to have a get-together at your place. And since Thanksgiving is already around the corner, we have some ideas for you to make a perfect day out of it! 

There are so many repetitive things that people do on Thanksgiving which make it mainstream and our ideas may overlap some of those ideas but here’s the thing. The core purpose of having lunch with friends and family is to spend some quality time with them so you can create some good memories

Shall we move forward to the things everyone should do on Thanksgiving?

Assign the Tasks

Trust us on this when we say thanksgiving is a lot more hectic than it looks like. So the very first thing you should do is to assign tasks to each and everyone because you can’t do it single-handedly! Whatever it is cleaning, wrapping up the gifts, helping in the kitchen. You need assistants or you will get tired! 

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits!

They say; beauty captures the eyes and personality captures the heart but I’d say all sorts of cute thanksgiving outfits capture both! Hands down to every outfit that had ever been worn in thanksgiving sitcoms! You can find many outfits or costumes out there but make sure to do it as soon as possible because thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Where’s the Turkey?

Thanksgiving won’t be thanksgiving if there’s no turkey on the table! As once Joey said, ‘turkeys are stupid, mean, and, DELICIOUS!’ Yes, you got it right! It wouldn’t matter even if they were smart because hello!!! They are delicious and you should bring a perfectly cooked turkey to the table otherwise no one is going to remember having lunch at your place! Actually, no. Everyone will remember that you did not make a turkey! 

Prepare a Feast! 

Now you might be thinking. Why didn’t we count turkey in the feast? You can count it, it’s not that big of a deal but not everyone likes to eat turkeys. Some people happen to be vegetarian! You need to focus a lot on this part if you are a host this year! Different people and different tastes.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 

Since everyone is having a treat then why not our eyes? So here’s the treat to your eyes. Yes, we are talking about Macy’s classic Thanksgiving Day parade! The first-ever Macy’s parade was held way back in 1924 and it was a sight to the eye. According to research over 400 employees marched from Convent Avenue to 145th street in New York City. Other than that you can get to see a glimpse of Santa too, however, you can’t ask him for early presents! 

Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones!

Moving on to the gifts. However, it’s not that necessary on Thanksgiving because it falls in between Halloween and Christmas so apparently, there are going to be so many gifts! 

Some people take way too much time to decide what they should get someone and it’s okay but here’s an idea! How about you get some top celebrity jackets to gift someone on Thanksgiving? 

It Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas 

The good thing about thanksgiving is that it feels a lot more like Christmas without snow though! But that’s fine, it doesn’t snow in every part of the world. It doubles the excitement and fun and you get to spend more time with your loved ones. Why don’t you make it more memorable by decorating your place with last Christmas leftovers?

Don’t Forget to be Thankful! 

Last but not least. Just keep one thing in mind: don’t forget to be thankful, raise a toast to all those blessings you have, and pray for more to come. Thanksgiving is certainly a day to be happy but many of you may find it overwhelming, hectic, and what else but the truth is we all need a day like this to remember all the good times we had and cherish those moments. 

This is what a perfect Thanksgiving looks like. A calm place with your important people, talking about the time you spent together and how you are going to miss every bit of it! It’s amazing how this annual holiday brings out kindness and love in people and they share everything with each other. We are so busy in our lives that these little holidays mean a lot, to many of us because it’s the only time everyone can be together without excuses! 

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