How to get out of bed in the morning?

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Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning? This article focuses on practical morning routine tips and strategies to help you wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to start your day. From establishing a consistent sleep schedule to creating a morning routine, you’ll learn how to cultivate habits that make it easier to rise and shine each day. Say goodbye to groggy mornings and hello to a more energized you!

Maximum Productivity Hacks – 2020

Why do we always need that 10 minutes of extra sleep after we wake up? You want to get out of your bed but you cannot help yourself. Your time is passing well day by day and out of nowhere suddenly at midnight a thought “I am wasting my time” hits you. Does this ever happen to you? Well, this is a problem most of us can relate to, and today you will learn the medical facts of these problems.

The continuous feeling of laziness and irresponsibility would have caused a lot of problems in your life. It might have led you to self-doubt, lack of motivation, panic, and sometimes anxiety in exams. To provide answers to all of your questions and to calm your nerves we are here to help. You will be reading the medical perspective to your daily life problems. Well, it has nothing to do with your abilities. It is a natural phenomenon that you will learn in this article.


Medical Reasons of Laziness

  • Laziness is also termed as indolence or sloth and is defined as the failure to do what you are supposed to do, despite having the ability to do it. Laziness is a vice that slowly creeps in and begins to hold you captive. It interrupts your life and prevents you from getting to where you are supposed to be. The most important reason for this behavior includes troubled social life, dopamine toxicity (games, social media, seasons/dramas or overuse/abuse of other entertainment sources)
  • One of the hidden causes of laziness can be certain medical conditions. If you’re often tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, and unmotivated, you should get some diagnostic testing. You could have some kind of thyroid disorder. Thyroid problems can cause diabetes, anemia, sleep apnea, heart disease, or even fibromyalgia.
  • Laziness may also be caused due to procrastination, irresponsibility, exhaustion, and poor lifestyle choices.
  • Your body feels out of energy even after you are taking proper care of it? It would be due to improper diet, lack of sleep, or troubled social life. Find out the reason or see a doctor, after you recover to get back to productivity. These issues can cause serious mental illness.
  • The reason why you are not satisfied with your daily work is because of sleep deprivation (an adult needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day). Proper sleep is the most important factor for a healthy brain.
  • Social media addiction is the most common problem for any productive person these days.
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Well, the average time you spend on social media is about 4-8 hours a day and can be more during this lockdown. The reason is that social media is the new entertainment. The time you spend on social media sites causes your brain to release more dopamine than normal. So it will take a lot of time and you would not even notice.

15 Morning Routine Hacks to Stay Productive

15 Hacks to Stay Productive
  • Push yourself up out of bed, it is the most difficult part but if you manage to do it for 3 days you will see that it becomes easier day after day.
  • Sleep in time, so that you could enjoy 7-8 hours of sleep before you get up.
  • Write down the work you want to do on a paper, Try it and it will have a great impact on your daily life. Don’t go to bed unless you are done with your list.
  • Make a time schedule for the list you just wrote and make sure you strive hard to complete it.
  • Set your own personal goals. Achieve them and then give yourself some ‘me’ time as a reward for your efforts.
  • Give time to your family, It might sound silly, But having a great social life boosts your capability to withstand the hard work.
  • Avoid over-thinking, as it would cause stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other health problems.
  • Following all these, you must know you are a human, not a work bee, so enjoy your spare time as much as possible.
  • Do you get tired? The productivity you want comes at a certain price. Make sure you just don’t give up. Strive hard; you will notice your body attaining different stamina and energy levels within a few days.
  • Last but not least, whenever you get tired and want to give up, ask yourself “Why I started?”
  • Life is a package full of ups and downs, try to stay positive as long as you can.
  • Never overburden yourself. Make up your daily progress step by step and don’t try to make a leap.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. You will either become judgmental or create self-doubts by comparing your day one to someone else day 100.
  • Bring clarity to your thoughts. Always stay clear about what you want to achieve and where you see yourself in the near future. Sync the work you do today to the post you want in the future.
  • Learn to get your mind at ease. You can adopt different hobbies to achieve this. Successful people opt to exercise not only for physical health but also to maintain their mental health.


You don’t lack talent, you lack discipline. Most of us are suffering from the same problems but the most important of all is Social media addiction. To break free from this cycle, embracing a structured morning routine can play a pivotal role. Consider adopting dopamine detox therapy as a powerful tool to overcome this hurdle.

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