How to keep a healthy mind?

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Do you want to live happily or want a fresh mind? How to get rid of depression and frustration. These are the common questions asked by people in the community, doctors even their friends. Everybody wants to live a healthy and blissful life. There is no hard and fast rule to have a healthy and beautiful life. A healthy mind brings peace, wealth, and happiness to one’s life.

True wealth is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. True wealth is having the knowledge to maneuver and navigate the mental obstacles that inhibit your ability to soar.


9 Things that keep a healthy mind

1. Make Exercise your Passion:

Where do I see my self in future

Physical exercise has been shown in countless studies for:

  • Boosting up energy
  • Refreshing mood
  • Even making us more creative

Great right? However, it is a bit difficult for anybody to stick to our exercise schedule. It seems difficult to go to the gym or do any other kind of physical activity at home. What you have to do is make physical activity your passion. Once you start loving your passion it will be fun and enjoyable for you, making you an optimist person. Anything that is your passion lets you work with full dedication without feeling a bit tired.

2. Be Optimist:

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Stop taking negative things and making them worse. Try to find out the positive aspects of everything. Being positive makes your mind healthy. It starts releasing anti-stress hormones to provide you with a calm and peaceful mind. Only a peaceful mind can have a better idea for creativity and all the other things you dwell in. Staying positive not only to the conditions and situations you have but also to the persons you are interacting with. Once you start thinking positively, you will notice all the good things coming towards you.

3. Adequate Sleep:

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Sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours is mandatory to feel fresh. As all machines require rest after doing work, our brain also needs some rest. Giving rest it enhances the efficiency and working ability of it. After tiresome work, loading the brain with many ideas and a burden of work has a negative impact on it. Try to avoid continuous work. Go to bed and have a peaceful sleep. Before sleeping recall all those good things which happened to you during day time. Thinking good and positive things before sleeping makes your mind more peaceful. It makes you feel fresh and happy after waking up from your bed.

4. Believe in Yourself:

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Believing in yourself is the most important thing in this world. If you have a firm belief in yourself nothing could stop you from achieving your own goals. It ensures you:

  • Success
  • Blissful life
  • Healthy mind
  • Optimistic thinking

5. Creativity:

If you are thinking you have no creative ideas, that’s not true. Creativity starts with your inner skills. It might be true you will not have good creativity at first. But this is the thing when you start doing it creates harmony between you and your brain.

Creativity Healthy Mind

Our brain is created in such a way, that the more you use the more it becomes creative. Looking at your own creativity makes you happy, making your mind relaxed and healthy. It takes you out of depression as you find no time to think about the stuff that does not matter at all for you.

6. Rise Early:

We have been listening to it since our childhood:

Early to bed, early to rise
Make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

It’s absolutely Right. Waking up early in the morning makes you feel so good. You have a whole day to work and act on your plans. It’s scientifically proven, that our brain releases hormones at night which are helpful for us in relieving all the daily stress. Sleep allows many hormones to release so we have better immunity, appetite, better ability to face the day’s highs and lows, and optimal energy. The activities we do during the day – from running in a race to thinking over plans, traveling, and many others also affect our hormone levels and, in turn, our quality of sleep. So sleep early and rise early to become healthy and wise.

7. Proper Diet:

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Taking a proper diet makes you healthy, enhancing your physical and mental health. Avoid all kinds of junk and fatty diets like pizza, burgers, oily food, sweet dishes having more sugar, and soft drinks.

Despite having all that junk, try to increase your water intake. The average water intake is 3.7 liters per day. This not only makes you healthy but also beneficial for your skin too.

8. Make Friends with the same Habits:

Friends and Families

Making friends and having the same habits are blessings. This will make you mentally relaxed as they will be there to help you out in every matter. So, try to make your friends wisely as they are also your family. They will be either blessings or headaches for you. Do not make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make those friends who will force you to level yourself up. Their motivation and positive criticism will take you away from anxiety.

9. Learning and Memorizing:

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Most people read books as a hobby. Reading may vary from person to person. This enhances and sharpens the mind. Sharpen the mind? How? Most of us will be shocked after reading this. We do not know how it would be the cause of our brain sharpening. When we read anything usually we read and forget. Because it is stored in our temporary memory. When we read the same point in another book and try to recall where we had read the same point it becomes stored in our permanent memory. So, reading and then recalling makes your mind sharp and healthy. Basically, health is a harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

It is a fact that a busy person is much happier than a free one who is busy lying in bed, thinking over those lame arguments he had made with others. A healthy mind keeps one away from anxiety, depression, relieves stress, refreshes the mood, improves thinking, gives a peaceful life, and makes us optimistic.

Try to engage yourself with healthy activities to stay happy and calm it will lead to a blissful life.


  1. Nice write up. A perfect guide to a healthy routine. A simple reminder of simplest things in life that we have forgotten, especially exercise and waking up early!

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