Components Of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing And Its Regulations

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Image of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing has become one of the most popular choices in most countries today. It is one of the ways which enables you to break the stereotypical steel cage-like fencings. It might be quite frustrating for people with swimming pools in their backyards who cannot enjoy the amazing view due to fencing barriers.  But now it is possible to enjoy the view of your backyard as many times as you want, with the help of frameless glass pool fencing. It not only feels wonderful to overlook such a beautiful backyard but it gives the assurance of safety to the users of the pool.

In the initial phase, frameless glass pool fencing was a high-end item that was reserved for the rich with only 1% of the users having it within their means. But gradually with the improvisations in quality and variety, today it has become reasonable and within the means of almost all owners who have pools in their backyard.

The Components Of Frameless Glass Pool Fencings

Frameless glass pool fencings are made of glass that has been toughened and it goes without a frame, thereby allowing light to pass through it, making the place bright and lively. Alongside making your poolside brighter and having a clear and unobstructed view, it also allows the place to look bigger which does away with the claustrophobic feeling.  

Thus they are the preferred choice of most people today. Besides this, there are various components that make the swimming pools look better. The components of frameless glass pool fencing are:

Glass – The glass most commonly used in some countries has a standard size of 12mm in thickness of clear glass that has been toughened. Toughened safety glasses mainly consist of tempered ones. Manufacturers design them in a certain way to bear extreme durability, strength, and long survival.  , Hardware – The hardware in frameless glass pool fencing is hinged, hinging panels, gate latches & panels. But what you choose in the form of your hardware is solely dependent on the base material on which it is to be worked on. The most common method in which frameless glass pool fencings are fixed is the method of spigots or mini-posts.

The Factors That You Must Consider While Making Your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

There are some factors that you must consider while constructing your frameless glass pool fencing. They are very important for your safety and security. The factors read as:

1. Height And Width Of The Fencing

Ideally, residential frameless glass pool fencing should be 1200mm in its height. This is the standard height of the frame. But when you install frameless glass pool fencing it should have a minimum width of 1800mm – 1900mm.

2. Thickness Of The Glass Pool Fencing

The panels in standard glass pool fencing should be 6mm – 12mm in thickness. But you can always customize it and fix it with a thickness of up to 18mm if you so desire. It has to be stronger and more durable as they have no frames in it. Plus, they have to withstand the elements of nature like wind, storms, and heavy rain, and thus,  they need to be thicker than the framed panels. 

3. Spigots

Spigots in frameless glass pool fencing should be of extremely high quality. With poor and low-grade hardware to accompany your high-quality glass, you are at a loss of having good fencing at the end of the day. 

Concluding With The Regulations:

According to the basic regulations in countries that allow frameless glass pool fencing,  you should have a fence height of not less than 12m.  Nothing should come in the way of the restricted area of the fence. The vertical and bottom gaps cannot be more than 100mm. Gates should have self-closing devices to ensure safety. If your frameless glass pool fencing satisfies all the above points, then you are all set to enjoy your swimming pool sessions in a hassle-free way.

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  1. I recently purchased a frameless glass pool fencing system for my backyard, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results! Not only does the glass create a sleek and modern look for my outdoor area, but the components of the system also make it incredibly easy and safe to install. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are regulations surrounding the installation of frameless glass pool fencing, as this ensures that the system is installed properly and meets all safety requirements.

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