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How Facebook Groups, Google, and Your Mom Are Keeping You From Dating Your Dream Girl?

If you’re going to Facebook groups for help with confidence, becoming a better man, or dating advice, it can be incredibly useful for getting some ideas for things to work on.

Unfortunately, it can also become extremely problematic. I see it every single day — another question posted in another Facebook group by someone who just wants to become better at socializing so they can finally meet their “dream girl.”

It looks like this:

  • “How do I handle it when a girl does ____?” OR
  • “How do I become confident around women?” OR
  • “I was messaging this girl and everything was going fine and then she stopped replying, what did I do wrong?”

Followed by about 30 different dating pieces of advice from people who all have their own ideas about what you should do, each coming from different levels of understanding of social dynamics.

You read the first comment and it sounds like pretty solid advice. You think, “Great. Makes sense, I’ll try it out.

Then you read the second comment, which also makes a lot of sense.

Well, what now?

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You start to get a little confused because the second comment doesn’t match the first one. Which piece of advice are you supposed to follow? As you scroll through the comments it gets more and more confusing as more compelling cases are made that contradict each other in terms of what your line of action should be. It gets overwhelming and confusing, and now you’re stuck.

So you try Googling it, only to dig yourself deeper into the pit of confusion. What’s next? Call your Mom? As if that won’t just dig deeper yet.

You’re now faced with two options:

Either you try out every single possibility and see which ones work and which ones get you a glass of wine thrown in your face and then repeat this step with every single question you have, resulting in years of your life being wasted.

Or you find an expert to help you figure out the exact line of action that will work for YOU personally, according to your current situation in life. Do you really have that much time to spend on this?

What if the girl who threw her drink in your face was going to be the right one for you?

If you want to know the best answers to all of your questions when it comes to social skills and finding the woman you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, shoot me a message and we can talk about how I might be able to help you.

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