Personalized Packaging For the Food Industry: Protecting Your Brand

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Picture of Customize Packaging Boxes using Kraft Paper

Food packaging is an integral part of the marketing mix for food manufacturers. The proper packaging can make or break your product, depending on how your customers perceive it. Properly designed kraft paper packaging provides an attractive way to protect your products and enhance their brand value, which means you can charge more for them. In addition, there are many options for custom product packaging with configurations that will appeal to any business with a unique product or service to offer.

1. What is kraft paper packaging?

Kraft paper is for shipping and storing things so consumers can also use it for retail packaging. A typical example of a product that comes in a kraft paper bag is bread. Other plastics are sometimes for packaging food too.

If you want to buy different cereal, we have a unique design. This includes a sheet with a pony cutout and nutritional information. These are not your typical cereal boxes, and they fit our colorful and whimsical branding.

Functional foods or snack foods come in paper or plastic containers. Often, there is nutritional information on the packaging. Paper is better for water resistance because it does not absorb chemicals like plastic can. The packaging is often of better quality than paper, so many grocery stores offer paper-based things. If you want to buy baking soda or mushrooms, go to the store. Food manufacturers also use paper for any non-perishable food packaging.

2. Why is kraft paper the preferred material for custom packaging?

To help aid in the food industry’s menu ideation, Packaging magazine tests to determine which labels were most frequently not in favor. Then, the team created a system for labels. As a result, the labels are now in the right place for local shoppers to see them. 

The labels should be in order or label. If they are not, write back with a message. Write back when the ingredients are out of stock. Ensure that you use a consistent color scheme for all products and that all products people trust meet sustainability standards.

3. How does kraft paper packaging work to enhance your product or service?

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp. It is inexpensive and durable, so it is often in use for packaging. In addition, Kraft paper has a natural brown color, so its people print with other bright colors or designs to make the product inside more appealing.

This layout will have four sides that are easy to organize. Different foods will be separated, like milk, dairy, baked goods, meat, and vegetables. Different types of food will be separated in the store, like bread and cereal or sauces and dried fruit. It is also easy for people to find what they want when they open the bag or box because it’s organized well.

Conversion from plastic to kraft

Kraft paper has been used for a long time as packaging. If you heat materials like wood pulp, it will make energy, and the carbon will go into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Today, kraft is used in meats, dairy, and baked goods. It can be a plastic material that can withstand harsh conditions. Kraft researched to find the best kraft alternatives for designing and appealing to different food preferences. There are many types of food packaging, but the most common ones are: 

  • The first type is the traditional plastic clamshell. This type is used for products like cheese, yogurts, and butter.
  • The second type is the “taco style” flat-pack. These are used for tacos or burritos with tortillas and other ingredients wrapped individually in cellophane to keep them fresh until they’re ready to eat.
  • The third type is a tray with individual compartments that can be sealed with a lid or cover, so you don’t have to worry about things spilling out of your bag when you’re on the go!

 4. What are the most popular kraft paper product types?

1. Brown Kraft Paper

White or black paper is the most common type of kraft paper. You can also get it in different sizes. It can be laminated, rolled, or crepe-sided. Brown Kraft paper is 1/2 sheet, but you can roll it into smaller rolls that are just 1/4 sheet each if you need to chew healthful.

2. Red Kraft Paper 

is similar to brown Kraft Paper. It can be white or black and can be in nearly any shape. Brussels sprouts, nummus, mints, heart-shaped toppers, and other flavorful products can be packaged in this paper alone. 

3. Bone Stock Kraft Paper 

Paper made with animal bones is very strong and beautiful. It is adorable to use in your house or for a business.

4. Customization Facility with Kraft Paper Packaging

4. Kraft paper is made of natural, sustainable, renewable, and healthy materials. It can be cut into squares, rolled into ribbons, or put on a board to make beautiful designs that will keep your audience staring at them.

5. Vinyl Lining Kraft Paper

A paper wrapper is a piece of paper that goes around the outside and inside. It is suitable for significant products or food that you can open. You can take out 60% of the product, which will be lighter and easier to carry.

5. How do you make the most of your investment in custom kraft paper packaging?

You can order paper that is custom-made for you. You should use all the paper that you buy. Please don’t waste it. Read about different sizes of packages and how to use them, so they work best for you. Finally, make it easy for your end customer to transport and use your special size boxes. 


You need to decide on a standard box and then add instructions. One can also put a collar around it. They will want to decide if you need your consumers to wrap the package or not, and if so, how they should do it. If you know that extra packaging is needed for your product, you can include that. Several custom packaging companies near me make games, puzzles, and gift cards that contain some product inside.

This is a large product that needs more paper. When you are growing your business, it will need more boxes and tape. You should not buy boxes or tape that are not needed – but if you want to, make sure they are the right size for your company’s needs.


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