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There is a good chance that you, your needs, feelings, and health can slowly start to deteriorate and drop to the bottom of your priorities. When things get really painful, it’s easy to throw a few quick fixes at it. Try a crash diet, throw in some keto, smash a few HIIT sessions… That works in the short term until it becomes too much and unsustainable until you cannot bear it any longer, or even worse, end up getting injured.

The vicious cycle continues and you go back to your old ways. You’re a high performer and you aren’t used to failure, so it’s easier to chalk this one up to “age” or a “slower metabolism” or even “genetics”. The truth is, it’s none of those things. The truth is, it’s the strategy that is missing.

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If I came to you with a business idea, what’s the first thing you would ask for? The business plan, the numbers, the data, the projections, the research. But you aren’t applying this to your own body or health? I get that, and to be honest, you haven’t got time to learn all this, map it out and action it all. Especially on top of what your life already consists of.

You need something that integrates into your life, rather than becomes the sole focus of your life. You need something that meets you where you are right now, rather than rushing you to the deep end.

If you want to put an end to the vicious cycle and realize your potential, physically, mentally, and where it matters most in your life then:

  • Spend your free time trying to be a great parent, partner, friend, or role model.
  • Constantly look to level up through education, personal, and professional development.
  • Experience a constant influx of things to do, the kind of to-do’s that can’t wait for next week’s list.

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