Health Care

Living a happy life is only possible if you are a healthy person. Healthy persons enjoy each and every moment of his life because he is fit and not suffering from any illness. According to Joseph Pilates Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Living a healthy life is not a difficult job you just need to follow some simple steps which include changes in diet, doing exercise daily, and managing stress. Here in this section you will find the ways to live a healthy life and how can you manage your diet. You will also find articles about stress with tips and advice that will help you handle your stress. Handling stress will have a positive impact on you, which improves your day-to-day experience.

Screen Time For Kids

Picture of Kid using Screen

Nowadays, screens are everywhere. Controlling a child’s screen time can be challenging. Your little one is going to spend some time on them. So make sure it is as productive as possible. According to the research, 88.5%(326 million people) of the total population of earth is exposed to screen. Which is an alarming situation. The …

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Aura Radiant Self

Picture of Aura Radiant Self

‘I had some bad vibes when I entered the old house,’ ‘My sixth–sense in telling me about the danger.’ ‘I sensed the negative energy from the seller.’ You must have gone through such experiences in your life or must have heard such kinds of words from people around you. Yes! It’s time to connect your …

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